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Realize the infiltration of identity through
the essence of the calm mind.

What is something that gives humans comfort? It is not the artificial light they created, but it is the natural sunlight that captures the people's hearts. People are moved when they see artisans work in a straight forward manner towards the world they are exposed to. We have seen many pieces of work explode and then quickly scatter and disappear in our fast-paced society of today. Just like the invisible power we see in antiques, there is special value which built up by time and where we see beauty in. Take the time necessary to create an identity that infiltrates the true essence.
Our area of design is diverse. through creating logos for corporations and brands, Identities, Advertisements, Graphics, Products and Interiors, and Web designs we will raise the value of our projects. By valuing these consecutive productions with persistency and preciseness.

人が本質的に、心地いいと思えるものはどういうものだろう。 人工的に作り出した光よりも、自然の、太陽の光は人の心を捉える。ものづくりの熟練たちが、目の前の世界に、淡々と、真摯に作為なく向き合う姿は人の心をうつ。速度の早い現代社会において、短期間で一瞬のうちに爆発したものたちが一瞬で散ってしまう姿を数多くみてきた。骨董品に目に見えない力を感じるように、時間とともに形成された価値を私たちは美しいと思う。必要な時間をかけて浸透する本質的なアイデンティティを創り上げていく。